Website Design & Domains

Everybody can have a website. Why not you as well?!
As a Web designer, I'm familiar with the technological developments of html, CSS, Flash, Php, asp and JavaScript, and have a balance between creativity and usability.
So, if you want to have one feel free to contact me  about getting one.

How domains works

Domain names are easy-to-remember words that we can use to communicate the website we want to visit to a DNS server. The Domain Name System (DNS) is what translates the friendly name to an IP address.

It's like international phone numbers, the domain name system gives every server a memorable and easy-to-spell address, such as The domain name hides the IP address that most people aren't interested in seeing or using, like the address used by on my computer.

In other words, it's much easier to type "" in your web browser than it is to remember and enter the IP address that the website uses. This is why domain names are so incredibly useful.

How webhosting works

How it works with us

  ⬤We register your domain (website address)

⬤ We can provide you with a standard template, or we create a custom template according to your specifications.

⬤ We install the website onto the webhost server and setup your server side email.

⬤ We check in from time to time to see that your site is fully functional and handle all hosting details.