iNetworx Rates
Wireless Network Setup Wireless Security Network Repair
Wireless Network SetupWireless network setup so that you can connect to the Internet from anywhere in the house.Estimated Time: 1hrR400 per hr Wireless SecurityUntil you secure your wireless network, anyone in the area will be able to snoop around your computers and use your Internet connection. We’ll lock down your wireless security to prevent any unwanted access.Estimated Time: 1hrR400 per hr Network RepairNetworking isn’t that simple, and it’s frustrating when things just stop working… unless you have a helpful technician on your side!Estimated Time: 1½hrsR400 per hr
Simple Internet SetupSimple Internet SetupWant an easy way to access the Internet? We’ll setup a simple Internet connection so you can browse the web, email, etc.Estimated Time: 1hrR400 per hr Printer SharingPrinter SharingWant to connect all your computers to the same printer? No problem. Once we setup printer sharing, you’ll be able to print from anywhere in the house. We can even share multiple printers during a single visit.Estimated Time: 1hrR400 per hr File SharingFile SharingWe’ll setup your home network to share certain files between computers. If you want your data to always be available and up-to-date from any computer in the house, file sharing is exactly what you need.Estimated Time: 1hrR400 per hr
  Anything ElseAnything ElseWe’re experts at networking, and we’re confident that we can handle anything you can throw at us. If there’s something you need that’s not listed here, just give us a call or click here to get a free estimate!  
CALL OUT – QUICKQuick Call Out Less than 15min, Ussualy minor problems eg. Cable faults, minor settings
 CALL OUT 1HOUR BELOW 20 KMMore than 15 min and can usually be major work that needs to be done. Eg. Data transfer, user profiles, network problems, virus removal etc.
R550.00 for the first hour and then the normal hourly rate(R400 per hour).
CALL OUT 1HOUR ABOVE 20 KM (R100 ADDITIONAL PER 20KM AFTER THAT)Same sort of work as the “Below 20 km” eg. Data transfer, user profiles, network problems, virus removal etc.
R650.00 for the first hour and then the normal hourly rate(R400 per hour). 
 INSTALL NETWORK CABLE CAT5 BELOW 50M + ACCESSORIESInstallation of cat5 network cable via current trunking or roof access and crimp of RJ45 connectors, cable length must be below 50m
R550.00 per hour
Our hourly rate from 1 May 2018 is R400/hour.
We do bill a minimum amount of time for a call-out, based on the distance from St-Helena Bay (Hannasbaai) to the client:
Distance from office< 10KM10 – 25KM26KM – 60KM
Minimum time billed0.5hr1.0hr1.5hr
Additional time is billed in 0.5 hour increments for every 0.5 hours or any part thereof.