Setting up wireless internet and technical support.
Below are the simple steps of how you can setup your DSL modem to your pc. When you have a wireless DSL modem router, don’t hesitate to contact us to configure it for you.

Plug the DSL modem into your computer. Make sure your computer is near a wall cable socket.

Plug the DSL modem into the wall cable socket.

Plug in the DSL modem’s power cord. Most modem’s don’t have an On/Off switch. Plugging and unplugging them is how you turn them on and off. 

  • When the DSL modem is turned on, it has to go through a boot up process. You can tell this process is done when most of the lights have turned on and stopped blinking. There’s usually one light that will keep blinking.
  • It usually takes about 30-60 seconds for a modem to finish turning on.
  • If you’ve purchased a new modem, you’ll need to call your DSL ISP associate your modem with your ISP account username and password. If you don’t know what these are, you’ll need to call your ISP to get them.

Log in to the modem’s administrative screen. Open a web browser. In the address field, type the modem’s IP address. It’s often printed on the modem itself. If not, it will be in the modem’s manual. 

  • Common modem IP addresses are and

Enter your DSL account username and password. Once you’ve connected to the modem’s administrative screen, look for PPPoE. Enter your DSL account username and password into the PPPoE fields. The username is usually an email address. 

  • If you don’t know your account username and password, contact your DSL ISP.

Save your settings. When the setup is complete, save the settings. The internet light on your modem should turn green to indicate that you are online.

Test your internet connection. Open a web browser and go to a website that you haven’t been to before. If you go to a website you’ve been to recently, your browser may load it from its memory. If the website loaded, then you’re connected to the internet. If not, complete the rest of the steps. 

  • Searching for something using a search engine is a good way to do this.

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