PC Hassles? Welcome to iNetworx! How Can I Help You?


iNetworx is just me, Basil van Bergen, and I will help you with any IT thing that I can. I live in St-Helena Bay and I'm basically readily available to deliver quick and efficient IT related services at a moment’s notice . Hopefully I can resolve most of your "complex" IT issues that you may be facing.
I offer a couple of IT services that'll more than likely sort out your PC problems! Check out my pricing so that you've got an idea what it's going to cost you.
I, i.e. iNetworx, offer PC Support Services for most kinds of personal computers - Desktops, Laptops and tablets. The intention is to efficiently and economically try and solve all kinds of hardware and software issues you may be having with your computer, wi-fi network, printer, etc.

I also design and create websites.
To find out more, please contact me

Technical support

PC repairs


Internet setup

inetworx wireless


Web sites & domains


Remote support

PC repairs


Wired/less networks

inetworx wireless


Anything else?

  • Home Calls: I do house calls and onsite IT support and services.
  • Virus Removal: SmitFraud, WIN32.trojan, or a hijacker got you down? By the time we're done, your virus is gone, and never likely to come back.
  • Backup Solutions: Don't gamble with precious photographs, priceless documents, or other important files. Have a backup solution and put your mind at ease.
  • Remote Support: With an internet connection, I can connect to your computer from my office and and provide assistance remotely!
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades: New printer, more memory, application woes... these are all problems that I deal with on a daily basis.